Did We Mention The Increased Caffeine When You Brew It As a Concentrate?

Let's Go Back a Few Years.

Here's How People Cold Brewed In 2016.

  1. Google Recipes

    Finding Dozens Of Different Methods That Require Scales, Proprietary Equipment, Etc.

  2. Purchase Equipment

    Just Getting Started Requires A Grinder, Filtration System, Kitchen Scale, And A Set Of Mason Jars.

  3. Break Out The Calculator And Scale

    Calculate The Proper Ratio Of Water And Beans, And Weigh Out The Brewing Ingredients Into A Massive Jar And Filter.

  4. Wait 12-24 Hours

    While It Brews In Your Fridge, Or On The Counter.

  5. Clean Up

    Dispose Of Messy Grounds, Pour Into A Cup, Clean All The Equipment.

  6. Enjoy

    Assuming You Boucht The Right Product, And Managed To Prep Correctly.

Cold Brewing is crazy simple. Soak coffee grounds in water.

That doesn't mean that the brewing products are allowed to be half-baked ideas.

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