About us

Mastermind is all about perfection. We want you to love coffee as much as we do. And while we know that cold brew is the best coffee you can get, it isn’t as easy as that Keurig you have sitting on the counter. That is why we are working hard every day to perfect products that will really innovate within the cold brew marketplace and fit into the fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle of every working class American.



Message from the Owner:

As a kid, I always wanted to make an invention. That's why I got into engineering. I graduated and forgot my dream, eventually entering the budding design industry. Then, out of the blue, I got the product idea a few years ago when I was working late
in my office and the cafes were all closed for the day. Cold brew coffee is the next big thing, with flavors as bold as espresso but at the same time naturally sweet. The issue is that current brewing systems are big and made from glass. What if you could make cold brew in a travel mug no matter where you are? I was instantly filled with a passion to build something amazing.

Over the next 6 months I tested dozens of existing products in the market to perfect my idea. Next, I made 3D drawings myself and built my own prototypes in a local fabrication shop, the Fablab.

There is a saying in the mechanical engineering industry: "Simpler is Always Better". Thats why my Kold Brewer consists of only 3 parts: a filter, lid, & tumbler. Each of these items is made of the highest quality materials, with new patent pending technology in the filter and lid.

Our V1 was plagued with threading issues that caused the filter to slip off of the lid, and it did not have EZ Fill lines. Over the past year my 3 factories have perfected manufacturing methods to create the best selling Kold Brewer V2.

The Kold Brewer is Tested and approved by baristas, Coffee roasters, businessmen and outdoorsmen worldwide. They love using it everywhere, especially brewing in the hotel room or while camping. They can take it straight out of the fridge and even drink it while it keeps brewing and getting stronger throughout the day, saving the cleanup for later. They warm up by making hot tea with it after skiing on the slopes. They use it in the night for highballs and other cocktails while visiting with friends.

After visiting Tokyo in 2019, I realized that my invention must come to Japan, the world center of innovation. I know you will enjoy it, like thousands of others.