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The Kōld Brewer is more than just a tumbler with a filter, it's going to be an integral part of your lifestyle. Mastermind designed it to go everywhere with you. Created by a mechanical engineer and tested by businessmen, baristas, coffee roasters, and outdoorsman, you'll find it sleek, durable, and refined.


The Brewer can go to work with you, so you can cold brew at the office. The sleek design and shiny filter will turn heads when you're prepping in the break room.

The Businessman.

Quit sacrificing your morning routine for the outdoors. Leave the instant coffee at home, and brew coffee overnight while you're asleep in the tent.

The Outdoorsman.

Our brewer was tried and tested by people like you. Its patent pending filter ensures a clean brew, without the disadvantages of paper filters or clog-prone ultra fine filters.

The Enthusiast.

Cold Brew Coffee & Tea Anywhere

This brewer is awesome for craft coffee brewing at home, work, vacation, road trips, camping, etc. It will keep any drink cold for over 24 hours, making it a multi-functional masterpiece. 

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Mastermind is all about perfection.

We want you to love coffee as much as we do. And while we know that cold brew is the best coffee you can get, brewing it hasn't been as easy as popping a pod into the Keurig or just buying Starbucks. That's why we are working hard every day to perfect products that innovate within the cold brew marketplace and fit into the fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle of every working class American.

We give back.

Our product gives back to nature, using recycled materials in the packaging and steel.
15% of our profits go to Charity: Water, a nonprofit organization that delivers clean water projects for villages in need.

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