Can I drink Hot Drinks in the brewer?
Absolutely. While the brewer was especially designed for cold brewing, brewing hot coffee or tea is easy. We've outlined the process here: 1. Fill grounds up to the fill line in the filter. 2. Fill your tumbler to the fill line with water at 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. 3. Carefully submerge the filter into the cup, and swirl the brewer gently for 2.5 minutes. 4. Remove the grounds and enjoy!
Why is cold brew so popular? Isn't it just iced coffee?
Cold brew exploded this year because it is both better tasting and healthier than regular hot-drip coffee. No, it is not iced coffee! The cold brewing process uses cold water and time to extract the flavor from the coffee grounds, compared to the rapid extraction that hot-drip brewers use. Cold Brew extracts about 70% less acid from the coffee grounds than hot water, leading to much less sour and bitter flavors. Also, if you have frequent heartburn, cold brew is much easier on your stomach!
How many ounces of coffee does the filter hold?
The maximum capacity for the filter is 3.25oz of ground coffee. If using this amount, the max amount of water you can use to make a concentrate is 22.2oz.

The resulting boldest possible concentrate will have 6.8 parts water to 1 part coffee, which is considered extremely bold in the world of cold brew.
Can you drink out of it with the filter still in? Example: I'm traveling and don't have anywhere to place the filter or empty its contents.
Yeah you can definitely leave the filter in as well. I like taking the filter out prior to drinking to free up room for ice but it’s not necessary to take it out.
Can you use any ground coffee?
Yes, you can use any ground coffee you want with this brewer, due to its unique double layered filter.
How do you clean the Brewer? Will it get scratched?
We believe in practical solutions, which is why we made sure that everything would be dishwasher safe. You can also use anti-scratch scrubbing pads, but avoid using the Green Heavy duty scour pads on the copper finish and the filter. Also, unlike most other filters, our MK filter won't become clogged up with coffee residue over time. (If you use a Ninja Coffee brewing system, you have seen this firsthand.) We have found that simply rinsing the filter out a bit each time does the trick.
What other tumblers will this MagLid fit on?
30 oz Tumblers Only! The lid & filter fit all YETI & Ozark Trail tumblers, as well as most off-brand tumblers. The lid and filter will NOT fit newer RTIC & BUILT tumblers. If you are worried about your fitment, cruise on over to your nearest Walmart with your lid, and try fitting it onto an Ozark Trail tumbler from their camping section! ;) haha (Or just ask us and I'll try to order one & check for you)