Can I drink Hot Drinks in the brewer?
Absolutely. While the brewer was especially designed for cold brewing, brewing hot coffee or tea is easy. We've outlined the process below: 1. Fill grounds up to the fill line in the filter. 2. Fill your tumbler to the fill line with water at 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. 3. Carefully submerge the filter into the cup, and swirl the brewer gently for 3 minutes. 4. Remove the grounds and enjoy!
Why is cold brew so popular? Isn't it just iced coffee?
Cold brew exploded this year because it is both better tasting and healthier than regular hot-drip coffee. No, it is not iced coffee! The cold brewing process uses cold water and time to extract the flavor from the coffee grounds, compared to the rapid extraction that hot-drip brewers use. Cold Brew extracts about 70% less acid from the coffee grounds than hot water, leading to much less sour and bitter flavors. Also, if you have frequent heartburn, cold brew is much easier on your stomach!
What is your international shipping policy?
Our shipping costs do not include customs fees or taxes. We can't estimate these charges for each country. So, international backers...please make sure you take into account any additional fees and taxes charged by customs in your country. By our estimates, here are some countries which do NOT have import duties/taxes: Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan(Single units only), Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Japan, Mexico(Single Units only), South Korea, Morocco, Malaysia, Philippines.
How can I get the Pearl White Tumbler? Also, how can I get more tumblers?
We are using a service called Backerkit, which will allow you to choose you tumbler color and add on cool accessories for just a bit extra cash. We'll send out surveys after the campaign for all this stuff.
How do you clean the Brewer? Will it get scratched?
We believe in practical solutions, which is why we made sure that everything would be dishwasher safe. You can also use anti-scratch scrubbing pads, but avoid using the Green Heavy duty scour pads on the copper finish and the filter. Also, unlike most other filters, our MK filter won't become clogged up with coffee residue over time. (If you use a Ninja Coffee brewing system, you have seen this firsthand.) We have found that simply rinsing the filter out a bit each time does the trick.
What other tumblers will this Magseal Lid fit on?
30 oz Tumblers Only! The lid & filter fit all YETI & Ozark Trail tumblers, as well as most off-brand tumblers. The lid and filter will NOT fit newer RTIC & BUILT tumblers. If you are worried about your fitment, cruise on over to your nearest Walmart with your lid, and try fitting it onto an Ozark Trail tumbler from their camping section! ;) haha (Or just ask us and I'll try to order one & check for you)
What is Indiegogo and how does crowdfunding work?
Indiegogo is a platform to fund ingenious, work-in-progress products and ideas. Although contributing to a campaign is not the same as purchasing a product, when you support a crowdfunding project, you help bring ideas to life! Learn more.
How do I select a perk that interests me on this page?
On desktop, you’ll see a list with all available perks on the right hand side of the page. Click on the perk you want, then click the "Get This Perk" button to be redirected to the payment page. If you're on a mobile device, scroll up to see all available perks.
How do I ask the project owner a question?
If you’ve already backed this campaign, you can leave a comment on the Comments tab, or send the project owner a direct message. Otherwise, you may be able to contact the project owner through their website or social media accounts. Learn more.
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Can I change the shipping address for my perk?
In most cases, yes. Here’s how to do it. However, if the project has already started to ship perks, or if you need to change your country, you’ll need to contact the project owner in order to request any changes.
Can I change the item, or perk, I selected?
You’ll need to contact the project owner directly to request any change to perks, like color or quantity.
Can I ask Indiegogo for a refund?
Indiegogo does not guarantee that the perks offered by the campaigner will be produced or delivered and is not directly responsible for refunding contributions. Learn more about our Refund policy.