About us old

Mastermind is all about perfection. We want you to love coffee as much as we do. And while we know that cold brew is the best coffee you can get, it isn’t as easy as that Keurig you have sitting on the counter. That is why we are working hard every day to perfect products that will really innovate within the cold brew marketplace and fit into the fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle of every working class American.


Nick Osborn: Owner, Product Engineer, Sourcing Lead

Nick is a Mechanical Engineer who just graduated a few years ago and works in downtown Saint Louis for a top building design firm. Nick has been doing crazy projects at home for a lot longer. He has designed and sculpted his own UAV drone from the wings down, changed out his transmission with no help, built a custom kitchen table, and coded an arcade machine just in the past 3 years. After passing his biggest exam, to become a licensed professional engineer, Nick turned his eye back to what got him into engineering in the first place - creating awesome things. Nick doesn’t just love engineering - he also loves traveling, backpacking, gaming, and cooking. Nick is the main player behind the Mastermind brand.

Jessica C: Social Media Manager, Product Testing Lead

Recently graduated with a Criminal Justice degree, she currently works for a nonprofit agency helping people with substance abuse issues get their lives back on track. This line of work can be exhausting, so when she gets home from work she relaxes by scrolling Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Nick says she spends so much time scrolling that she may as well put it to good use, which is how she came to manage the social media accounts here at Mastermind. She also has 4 years as a Barista under her belt, and she is obsessed with coffee, which is why she makes sure to test out all of Nick’s cold brew to make sure it is up to par.


Lane C: Social Media Manager, Creative & Marketing Lead

Lane is one of our oldest friends and has always been around for us. He has also been very successful in his career as a Union Lineman. While Lane is always cooking up awesome entrepreneurial ideas himself, he also has been helping Nick Kickstart the Mastermind brand lately. Lane has good experience getting companies exposure, is obsessed with Kickstarter and Instagram, and he has lent his hand in improving the way the brand looks today!